How To Turn Fashion Week Into A Business Model - The Moya Mawhinney Way

How To Turn Fashion Week Into A Business Model - The Moya Mawhinney Way

While there’s always much to be learnt from those who strode their patent, Prada pumps, down Fashion Week's elite runways before us (take a note from Victoria Magrath), I’ve always thought we have just as much to learn from those... who are just getting started.
So let’s take a look behind the curtain, at a certain someone, who’s been on my radar for more reasons than one; Moya Mawhinney.

At a glance Moya’s made quite the name for herself - as that studious, relatable, art loving girl, from Northern Ireland (think Jenny Humphrey before Queen B got her scheming hands on her).
But after spending a little time trying to find her feet in the city of London and finally packing her bags & making a minimalistic chic home for herself in Paris - over the last year or two, Moya’s paved her own way to Fashion Week’s elusive front row.

Before I let you in on how she did it, you might want to take a look at how she got there.

It’s been quite the journey…
First thing you need to know… Moya's not your average content creator. Known for her captivating, endearing & conversational vlogs, along with scenes of wanderlust & self discovery, M’s a breath of fresh air in the digital realm. She’s truly mastered that intangible skill, of capturing her day to day, in a way that’s inspirational, yet somehow still feels attainable.

With 286k Instagram followers, 567k YouTube subscribers & 118k on TikTok, Moya’s managed to secure a whole lot in a relatively short amount of time, given that she only started uploading onto YouTube in September 2019.

And it’s no wonder.
Moya’s vlogs are like spending a carefree day with your bestie.
From the cobblestone streets of Paris, to the sandy beaches of Bali - M takes you along for the ride, with a mix of voiceovers, casual chats with the camera & some addictively aesthetic visual material, that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

From College Girl Sweet - to The Guestlists of Fashion Week
On February 20, 2022, Moya made her inaugural appearance at London Fashion Week. Invited by Yuhan Wang (through Purple PR), Moya stepped into the world of high fashion with an air of excitement & anticipation. It was a momentous occasion, marking her official debut on the Fashion Week scene as she braved the show!

Fast forward to March 2023 and Moya found herself immersed in the glamour of Paris Fashion Week. Dressed in Dior from head to toe, she graced the front row of the Dior show, rubbing elbows with fashion's elite. But it wasn't just about the runway – Moya also attended Dior's La Galerie event, delving into the design history of the iconic fashion house.

And... in the midst of her Parisian escapade, Moya also found a moment to lend a helping hand to her friend @hugodacquet, shooting content for Jaquemus & adding her signature touch to the Fashion Week festivities. But of course, no Fashion Week would be complete without a stop at a Zimmerman show, where Moya continued to sparkle with her impeccable style & gracious energy.

And by the end of the year?
Moya found herself once again at the heart of the fashion capital of the world, cementing her spot on the haute couture scene. With her long-time partnership with Dior, she was welcomed back with open arms , delighting in her first haute couture fitting by the prestigious fashion house. But it wasn't all Dior – Moya also attended the AMI Alexandra Mattiussi show, proving that her fashion prowess knows no bounds.

But perhaps my favourite moment of Moya's Fashion Week journey so far?
The iconic, Vogue-inspired video she created, to capture a pivotal moment in her career. With her trademark wit & charm, she gave her viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the chaos & glamour of Fashion Week prep, proving that even in the midst of fashionable mayhem, Moya always knows how to keep it real.

So… how did she do it?!
Here’s the blueprint…

1. Authenticity: One of the cornerstones of Moya's success is her unwavering authenticity. When it comes to sponsored content, Moya takes a different approach, working only with a very select few that align with her values & aesthetic. It's this noticeably genuine authenticity that sets her apart, earning her the trust & respect of both her followers & fashion insiders alike.
A prime example of Moya's selective approach to partnerships, is her long-standing relationship with Dior. With a history of collaboration that spans years, their partnership is more than just a business transaction – it's a testament to Moya's discerning eye & Dior's recognition of her influence & authenticity. And as she continues to grow her brand & expand her reach, her partnership with Dior serves as proof to the power of strategic collaboration in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion & influencer marketing.

2. Relationships: But Moya's Fashion Week success isn't just about business – it's also about building genuine relationships within the industry.
Since making the move to Paris, Moya’s embraced the challenge of learning the French language, cultivated friendships with designers, stylists & industry insiders and solidified her status as a respected figure in the fashion world. These connections have not only opened doors for her at Fashion Week, but have also provided invaluable opportunities for collaboration and growth.

3. Relocation: And speaking of growth, Moya's move to Paris has undoubtedly played a significant role in her evolution as a fashion influencer. As the beating heart of the fashion world, Paris offers endless opportunities for networking, collaboration & inspiration – opportunities that Moya has fully embraced. By immersing herself in the vibrant culture & bustling fashion scene of the city, she's not only strengthened her influential status, but has also positioned herself for continued success.

In the end, Moya Mawhinney's approach to Fashion Week – and to the business of fashion in general – is a testament to the power of authenticity, strategic partnership & genuine connection. By staying true to herself, working with select companies, nurturing her relationships within the fashion industry and embracing her new home in Paris, she's not just attending Fashion Week – she's thriving in it, leaving a mark on the world of fashion and social media alike.

Et voilà…
From her feature in Wonderland Magazine's photo diary, to her insightful appearance on the No Backup Plan podcast, Moya has consistently showcased her unique perspective & unwavering credibility. Through her candid interviews & intimate glimpses into her life, she has not only captivated audiences, but has also inspired countless individuals to pursue their passions & embrace their true selves.

Following in Moya’s newly tread footsteps to Fashion Week isn’t the simplest of paths to take - but… this blue print’s... nothing short of a classic.

A little something for the adventurers & the dreamers.


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