Social Media influencer Matilda Djerf Launches Djerf Avenue Beauty

Matilda Djerf Launches Djerf Avenue Beauty

Spotted - In a turn of events almost more gasp-worthy than a classic Blair Waldorf scheme, the ever-trendsetting Matilda Djerf, known for her ‘that-girl’ aesthetic fashion & lifestyle brand Djerf Avenue (and her equally iconic hair) - is making headlines once again, with the highly anticipated launch of Djerf Avenue Beauty (insert excited gasp here)!

Now, before I go any further… let’s rewind shall we?
It’s 2021 and #matildadjerfhair has casually broken the internet & racked up 160 million views. Fast forward to 2024... and I guess it’s no wonder Matilda’s back to cause a little more mane mayhem, with the release of not one, but two game-changing products, designed to turn flat, lifeless hair... into voluminous perfection.
Djerf Avenue Beauty’s On The Go Styling Gel and Breezy Styling Mist,are quite simply, the essence of the coveted '70s blowout, in a perfectly branded tube & spray bottle.
So whether you’re a lover of Old Hollywood waves that whisper of eras past, or you’re a seeker of that elusive bounce that echoes the nostalgia of disco glamour - come March 27th… these products promise to be your backstage pass to hairstyling heaven.



Image Credit | @djerfavenue