Jourdan Riane Launches Skincare Brand - Tási Skin

Jourdan Riane Launches Own Skincare Brand Tasi Skin | Trendsettrs

Looks like Jourdan Riane’s dipping her perfectly pedicured toes into the beauty game, with the longed-for arrival of Tási Skin.

Sick of skincare routines with more steps than The Met?  
Jourdan’s about to simplify the game with a sprinkle of science and a whole lot of glamour.

In: Tási as the go-to destination for vegan, organic skincare with food-grade ingredients.
Out: Overcrowded bathroom shelves.

A straightforward skincare line that promises an environmentally friendly, Instagram-ready complexion, that’s as clean as Jourd’s aesthetic?
I’m all in.



Image Credit | @jourdanriane