Jess Hunt Opens Refy The Gallery Pop Up at Selfridges London

Jess Hunt Unveils Refy The Gallery at Selfridges London

Just when you thought Jess Hunt was done for the season - looks like she’s found another way to get spotted on my ever roaming radar...and give us just a little bit more...

Along with J’s Refy pop up - a contemporary  take on the classic exhibition showcasing Refy’s latest creations - thanks to one of my many sources… a Jess like figure has been spotted, walking through Refy The Gallery at none other than the hallowed beauty halls of Selfridges London itself.
Word is?
This iconic gallery is only open for business until February 28th.
Dorota… hail me a fleet of black cabs!
I have a feeling there’s going to be more than just a few in need of an emergency trip to Oxford Street...



Image Credit | @refybeauty