Influencer Management Agency Aquarius Creative Host BBC Premiere Screening For The Agency: Unfiltered

Influencer Management Agency Aquarius Creative Host Screening For The Agency: Unfiltered

Spotted: A look behind the scenes at what it is to manage a roster filled with some of the most sought after content creators of our current era - with the premiere of Season 2 of "The Agency: Unfiltered".
Aquarius Creative's unwavering founders Kirsten Cameron & Amy Moore, hosted a screening affair, that glistened, with all the irresistible glamour of Old Hollywood.

According to my many sources?
Looks like this one was a night to remember.
And as always, I've got the answer to the one question that's on everybody's lips...
Who’s cemented a coveted spot, atop the best-dressed list this time?


From L-R: @ellieegar / @abigaiilcomrie / @maggielizsmithx / @lydiakarax / @chlce / @carlakentx

Here’s to you Kirsten & Amy - for curating an agency of creators who aren’t just influential... they’re reality TV-level iconic.
If Season 1 is anything to go by… Season 2 of "The Agency: Unfiltered", is about to leave us revelling in a whirlwind of highs, lows & irresistible office drama, with an authentic sprinkle of that undeniable Glaswegian charm.
Looks like yours truly is about to be in need of a bucketload of something crunchy & sweet...

Where's Dorota when you need her?!



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