Grace Beverley Launches Tala 365 Contour Shapewear Collection

Social Media Influencer Grace Beverley Launches Tala 365 Contour Shapewear Collection

Hold onto your body shapers… or don’t.
Looks like a new player is poised to reign over the shapewear scene & she's never been one to play by the rules.
The one & only Grace Beverley, is shaking up the fashion industry once again, with TALA's game-changing 365 Contour Collection, proving that shaping your silhouette can be stylish, comfortable & empowering.
Gone are the days of hiding your shapewear under layers of clothing; TALA's 365 Contour Collection... is designed to be flaunted!
Grace's vision is clear: shapewear that not only accentuates every curve flawlessly, but also feels like a second skin. It's a chic sigh of relief, for those who demand both style & substance from their wardrobe essentials.
Premium shapewear garments that sculpt, control, lift, support, compress, smooth, snatch & keep those ungainly VPLs at bay - all while remaining breathable & wearable from day to night?
Kudos G.
With TALA mastering the art of combining form & function, while ensuring that each element is as comfortable as it is flattering - along with the added value of respected content creators including @kamrinwhite and @sherriewebster sharing the collection’s virtues - looks like the days of restrictive & uncomfortable shapewear are about to be a thing of the past... kinda like Dan Humphrey’s Cabbage Patch (one can only hope…).
Spotted… a Tala 365 Contour-filled era of conscious confidence & style.



Image Credit | @wearetala