Brooke Schofield & Tana Mongeau's "Cancelled" Podcast Is Going On Tour

Brooke Schofield & Tana Mongeau's

This just in: Looks like the iconic queens of the story-time scene Brooke Schofield & Tana Mongeau are taking their "Cancelled" podcast on the road.
Word to the wise?
You might wanna hold on tight… because this tour?
Promises to be nothing short of a rollercoaster.

Whispers in the wind say that the fortunate few that have managed to snag a coveted seat at this sold out tour, are in for a spin - filled with high drama, emotional twists & turns and more than a few heart-stopping drops into the irresistible depths of gossip-worthy scandal.
Will secrets be spilled?
Will new alliances be formed?
Will old alliances be shattered?
One thing's for sure - this one’s destined to be one for the ages.
I have a feeling… none of us are safe from the chaos B & T are getting set to unleash & it should come as no surprise… that...
I. Can’t. Wait.

You know you love them.



Image Credit | @tanamongeau