Brittney Saunders Relocates Newcastles South Wales Fayt Store

Brittney Saunders Newest Fayt Store Is The Ultimate IRL Fashion Destination

Looks like prime real estate is the number one topic on everyone’s lips & no one does it better than Brittney Saunders.
Britt’s packed up the Fayt Newcastle store that started it all (even I have a nostalgic memory or two courtesy of B’s startup vlogs) and relocated it to the kind of glass fronted, aesthetic retail location, that will make you want to gather up an armful of Fayt’s gorgeous clothing, land yourself in a beautiful heap on the floor of one of those arched entry dressing rooms... and never leave.
Word to the wise?
Newcastle South Wales has itself a new fashion destination that you won’t want to miss.
Where to next Britt?
London’s calling….


Image Credit | @brittney_saunders