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Jackie Aina Launches FORVR MOOD Fine Fragrance Collection At Sephora

Rumour has it?
Jackie Aina’s been busy blending scents, that are about to do a whole lot more than perfume your home...
There’s about to be a launch of FORVR MOOD fine fragrances, exquisitely made, just for you.
Maybe you'll fall for 'I Am Her' - with it's plush notes of red velvet, raspberry, pear & oud, it's the perfect scent for when you’re in the mood to not just show up, but stand out.
Then there’s 'Hard To Get' - layered with lemon, jasmine & just the right amount of whipped vanilla, made for those days when you're ready to be that mysterious main character, that leaves an everlasting impression (remind you of anyone? 💅).
Although... it could be time for a little mist of 'You Remind Me' - with its apricot skin, orange flower and sensual musks, it's the ultimate choice for those moments when you’re in the mood to be inviting.
And last but not least, it could be time to embrace a season of 'NDA' - filled with heady drops of tobacco flower, spiced rum & vanilla bean, it's a blissful hit of boldness.
Four intoxicating scents of success, intertwined with the essence of self-love & empowerment? Smells like the perfect blend of confident moods in a bottle if you ask me.
Word to the wise?
You might want to mark those calendars & prep those vanities for this one - because come April 2nd…  Sephora’s shelves will be stacked with everything you need to step into your FORVR MOOD.



Image Credit | @forvrmood