Anna Paul and Hismile Sweeten Smiles With Cotton Candy Toothpaste

Anna Paul Paullie Hismile Cotton Candy Toothpaste

Move over mint.
Looks like you’ve just been usurped by the launch of Anna Paul’s, Paullie cotton candy flavoured…. toothpaste?!
Rumour has it?
Anna & Hismile are on a pursuit to sweeten your smile & turn your daily dental routine, into a delicious delight that leaves you feeling just as fresh as the minty morning blasts we’ve grown accustomed to.
Tooth brushing with a swirl of whimsy?
This isn’t just toothpaste; it's an experience.
Pucker up Trendsettrs… looks like Anna Paul’s turning oral care into a fashion statement & I’m here for every candy-coated second of it.



Image Credit | @annapaull