Aimee Smale Turns The Streets of London Into An Odd Muse Renaissance Runway

Odd Muse

Spotted: Aimee Smale stirring up quite the renaissance with ‘the dress that changed it all’ - Odd Muse's coveted 'The Ultimate Muse Pearl Dress'.
But this wasn't just your everyday restock…

After almost a year of perfecting the fit and cut of this iconic piece, Aimee did the only thing one should do, after completing a masterpiece...
Invite a diverse clique of 50 Odd Muse lovers, style them in said masterpiece, and have them takeover the city of course.
50 amazing women, all in the same dress, with the streets of London as their runway?
It’s no wonder the waitlist for 'The Ultimate Muse Pearl Dress’ has broken records in Odd Muse history.

After this artful coup?
It's clear that Odd Muse isn't just a brand—it ‘really is girlhood personified’.


Image Credit | @oddmuselondon