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Jaclyn Hill Closed The Doors on Jaclyn Cosmetics and It's The Best Decision She Could Have Made

Jaclyn Torrey, nee Hill, the influencer extraordinaire who catapulted into the beauty stratosphere, only to see her empire crumble like a powder compact.

How did she get here?

What will she do next?

I’m about to dish all the dirt, so you might wanna grab a seat - this may take a while...

In true little J style, Jaclyn dropped out of college in her freshman year in order to pursue her creative talents. Jaclyn’s journey started as a makeup artist at MAC, swapping fountain pens for blending brushes & entering the trenches of the cutthroat beauty industry for the first time.

Her YouTube channel, which she started in 2011, was her saving grace from underpaid overtime. Celebrity makeup tutorials became her forte, and collaborations?

Her golden ticket to cementing herself as a household name in the industry.

Throwback to that iconic Kim K Youtube collab!

Two industry Queens at the top of their game in one room?

If I'd had the chance to take it in that boss energy IRL...  yours truly would have dethroned GG a long time ago.

But I digress.

With Jaclyn's fame rising, next came the era of brand collaborations….

Enter the luminous "Champagne Pop" highlighter, a BECCA creation in tandem with Hill in 2015. Sephora went into a sales frenzy, peddling over 25,000 units in a mere 20 minutes, eventually leading to BECCA's $200 million marriage with Estée Lauder in 2017.

This champagne pop highlighter, is still the holy grail of quite a few beauty influencers and is a relic of this iconic era in beauty history.

Next on her rapidly increasing collab requests?

Morphe Cosmetics (is there anyone they didn't collab with in 2016?).

A palette featuring Jaclyn's Morphe muses in 2015, a gem-encrusted brush set in 2016, and the "Jaclyn Hill x Morphe" eyeshadow palette in 2017 – all viral hits that vanished from shelves faster than you could say "blend away."

By 2018, her Morphe collaborations reportedly raked in a staggering $12.2 million in Earned Media Value (EMV).

Jaclyn Cosmetics
In a bold move in May 2019, Jaclyn unveiled her own brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics. The launch of "So Rich Lipstick" had fans salivating.

Despite a sprinkle of shade-related criticism & pigment inconsistencies, the nude lipsticks vanished from digital beauty counters within the first day.


Maybe we shouldn't judge too quickly….


Reality struck as customers received their orders, only to discover a lipstick apocalypse: melted blobs and shattered dreams instead of those precise pouts they were looking for.

Jaclyn's apologies were as welcomed as a rainy day at the beach, and the backlash swelled heavily.

Ever rolled your ankle wearing heels?

Bet you don't want to repeat that feeling J, this one must have hurt.

Despite an unsuccessful launch, the brand performed considerably well. Eyeshadow palettes and liquid lipsticks became heroes of the beauty scene, even Glamzilla weighed in on the conversation, giving Jaclyn's powder an unexpectedly excited, 'Oh, wow!'

Downfall Pending…
Cue the ominous music as Morphe, the puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes, faced its own financial reckoning.

Forma - Morphe & Jaclyn Cosmetics' parent company, declared bankruptcy in January 2023, casting a gloomier shadow over Jaclyn Cosmetics.

The brand, once a beauty hub, is now set to vanish into the abyss, with bestsellers like the "Poutspoken" liquid lipstick bidding adieu after January 31st 2024.

Was It For The Best?
For someone who's lifelong dream was to create a beauty brand, worthy of gracing Ulta's exclusive shelves, closing the doors on Jaclyn Cosmetics, must be nothing short of heartbreaking and the number one question on everyone's lips?

Why didn't Jaclyn swoop in to save her own namesake?

Whatever's been going on, over at Jaclyn HQ - I'm sure the masses will disagree - but this may possibly be the best thing she could have ever done for her future self both personally & financially.

The brand, shrouded in controversy since it's very first launch, had negative press at every turn. Every influencer, beauty guru & Youtube obsessed 10 year old knew about the scandal and as we all know, a well woven scandal is almost impossible to forget….

Along with Jaclyn Cosmetics, her sister brands Koze and Jaclyn Roxanne are also coming to a close.

But... when one - or several doors close; another one opens...

Everyone loves a good comeback and if Jaclyn handles this one with grace, it could make way for opportunities for growth into other industries and maybe even a whole new fanbase.

So... What Will Jac Do Next?
Let's indulge in a little speculation, shall we?
In my humble opinion, it might be time for Jaclyn to embrace vulnerability.

The road to redemption may be a long one, but with a dash of humility and by transparently addressing past missteps, she could find herself back on the right track.

Next... I’m thinking a rebrand..

Who doesn't love a transformation?

If Jaclyn Cosmetics was the caterpillar, it's only a matter of time before we hear the triumphant flutter of a butterfly.

They say a phoenix rises from the ashes don't they?

And perhaps it's the perfect time for a break from the beauty world, after 13 years.

I mean, 13 years in front of a camera? Who wouldn't get burnt out!

In the grand tapestry of beauty guru history, the Jaclyn Hill saga acts as a cautionary tale, but also as an opportunity for reinvention.

As our main character navigates the wreckage, I’m eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this captivating storyline.
Potential chapter title I hear you ask?
Unbothered - A Fragrance by Jaclyn Torrey?... 😏


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