How To Turn Fashion Week Into A Business Model

How To Turn Fashion Week Into A Business Model

When the white tents blossom at the Lincoln Center, it can only mean one thing: Fashion Week… and unless you happen to be one of the chosen few who have cemented their spot on those coveted front rows, you might wanna hold on to your mini Kelly… because I’m about to tell you everything you need to know about the business that is Fashion Week & how you can make your own mark on this exclusive scene.

Securing That Invite
Let's face it, securing one of those hand delivered, calligraphy adorned invitations to a fashion week show, is nothing short of an art form in itself.
The first step?
Consult your digital best friend  — Google the schedules of the upcoming season & gather as much information as you can, on the shows you'd love to attend.

The next step?
Find out which PR agencies are representing your chosen brands & introduce yourself.
Craft an email that’s short & sweet yet laced with your own personal brand of charm.

Bear in mind that the language you use, should differ between emailing PR contacts & emailing brands directly.

When it comes to PR, ask politely if there are any invitations to the events that they are coordinating & for brands, show your interest in attending their show specifically.

A good few months before the season starts, you might wanna shoot a snap or two of yourself styled in those branded labels, so that you can link the proof of your existing love & support of the brand in your emails.
Persistence is your best friend, so don't shy away from following up, to solidify your name in the minds of those in-demand gatekeepers!
When in doubt, just ask; after all, the worst they can say is "no."

And while the best way to attend shows is obviously to obtain an invitation - failing that, you do have options...

If making it to Fashion Week is on your vision board for 2024, plan well in advance.

Build relationships within the industry, network with the finesse of a true socialite & when one door closes, find the hidden passage to alternatives.

In this world… persistence is not just a virtue; it's the key to unlock doors previously thought impenetrable.

For the tech-lovers among you, GPS Radar is a must.

Think of it as a backstage pass to the world of fashion invites. Check it relentlessly, even as the shows commence, for those last-minute opportunities. Especially for New York Fashion Week, many of the shows will appear on this app.

If all else fails… you might wanna watch this video by Yael - you didn't hear it from me….

Next Stop…
In the glamorous realm of global fashion, Paris & Milan reign supreme, often outshining their counterparts across the Atlantic in London & New York, in terms of social media mentions.

So if you're charmed enough to be in those fashion capitals, you’re already several steps ahead.
London & New York can be just as lucrative, but historically they do get slightly less media mentions per season.

Shows like Dior, Saint Laurent & Chanel will always be scene-stealers, with high profile guests & even higher fashion.

However, if you're looking to gather social content, consider looking at smaller shows for slightly lesser known brands. Not only will these shows be easier to obtain tickets for, they will also provide more unique opportunities to share shows that aren't already on everybody's radar.

There’s only so much I can share with the short time we have together… so if you're seeking a little more insight on this TikToker @fashioncareermentor's masterclass, is your backstage pass to insider knowledge.

Think of The Margins…
Fashion Week isn't just about the glitz & the glamour; it's a goldmine waiting to be tapped by anyone who dares.
Imagine collaborating with top-tier brands, securing sponsorships that rival the grandeur of the runway itself & using affiliate marketing to turn your mere presence, into a sweet source of commission based revenue.

Unfortunately it's not always as easy as those binge-worthy Fashion Week BTS vlogs may seem.
As someone who’s new on the scene, you’ll most likely have to pay your dues & the investment into Fashion Week is high. Outfits, plane tickets & hotels all add up, especially during the frenzy of the season.

However… if you want to make a return on your investment, there are a few well-worn paths you can take.

Firstly brand partnerships, the ultimate ticket to making money from your fashion week escapades.

There are multiple ways that brands may want to get you on board, including social media channel takeovers - where they may hire you to provide well informed commentary & behind the scenes insights.


A brand may reach out & ask to dress you.
Who wouldn't want to be seen in the streets of Milan in a full Prada ensemble.

And apart from that?

Attending a brand afterparty can also result in lucrative opportunities, including networking & exposure.

But what do you do if you arent able to bag a brand partnership in time?
Well… all hope is not lost, my love, as attending Fashion Week in any capacity is an honour in itself, an exclusive that many fans & followers would sell their grandmother’s vintage pearls for 👀.

So… make the most out of your trip to a fashion capital!

Engage in street style photoshoots outside iconic locations & report your experience to your followers! Think outside of the box with ways that you can monetise your content.

I’m dreaming of those video titles right now…

'Attend NYFW with me!'

'Storytime: How North West Made Me Reassess My Style Choices at Paris Fashion Week'

'GRWM for the Miu Miu Afterparty'

...the content opportunities are endless!

Live coverage is your next ticket to a front-row seat in this money-making game. You can offer exclusive content to those willing to pay the price of admission.
Comment on what the celebrities are wearing, what they're doing, what products they are using & snag those well earned commissions from our beloved TikTok shop.

Everyone has to start somewhere... the fashion world waits for no-one.

Not This Season…
Spotted: One of my very own caught in the whirlwind of rejection, their dreams of front-row glamour shattered.

But remember, dear Trendsettr, rejection is merely a detour, not the end of the runway… and I have a few ego-soothing lessons for you…

Lesson 1: Maintain Your Poker Face
The fashion scene is constantly changing & even those who made it to the front row last season, may not make it through this season’s doors at all, so don’t take it personally & keep that poker face intact.

Lesson 2: Reflect & Refine
Behind every rejection lies an opportunity for growth. Reflect on your pitch, refine it like a couture gown. What worked, what didn't? Turn this moment into a runway critique session. A true Trendsettr transforms setbacks into stepping stones.

Lesson 3: Draw A Crowd
Networking is your best accessory. Build bridges even as doors close. Attend industry events, keep making new connections & work your way into the hearts of those gatekeepers. Rejection is just a temporary setback – you're far too fabulous for it to be anything more.

Lesson 4: Be Persistent
In the immortal words of Coco Chanel, "Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable."
Be as persistent as Jenny Humphrey’s tumultuous climb on to the A List. Your time will come; the runway awaits your triumphant return.

A Little Inspo…
In the grand tapestry of Fashion Week, certain creators stand out like stars in the night sky.
Dive into YouTube & you'll find influencers who weave tales of front-row glory, backstage secrets & a little chic after-party drama. Learn from the masters — their coverage can be an invaluable lesson… so take notes.

You can start with Jennee Naylor who spills the deets on her Fashion Week planning schedule. She does all of her prep on camera & talks about how and why she attends Fashion Week. She warns of the expense that comes along with the season as well as the benefits.

Then there’s Allegra Shaw, who's been attending Fashion Week since 2018. She’ll show you the behind the scenes of Fashion Week as an influencer, alongside chatty insights into the world of the fashion elite.

So my dear Trendsettr, feeling ready to conquer Fashion Week yet?

If you were already planning to make an appearance, I hope my little guide gives you the helping hand you need.
And if not?
Maybe this is your sign to pursue something new…


Until next time.

You know you love me... xoxo