How To Diversify Your Income As A Full Time Content Creator

How To Diversify Your Income As A Full Time Content Creator

In our current social media era, being a full time influencer tends to take a lot more than just creating engaging content... which means to secure a stable and sustainable income, it’s always worth looking into how you can diversify your revenue streams beyond sponsored content.

Diversifying your income not only helps to increase your financial security, but it also gives you the opportunity to make the most out of the unique skills you possess as a content creator.
So let’s talk about how you can add a few extra zeros to that bank balance shall we? 💅

I can't think of a better place to start than content itself. This is probably one of the simplest and & fastest ways to earn some extra money, without having to do the extra work. As a content creator, I know your camera roll is filled with an Instagram grid-load, of behind-the-scenes stills and video clips.

How To Diversify Your Income As A Full Time Content Creator Through Content Creation

Instead of leaving all of that content to go unseen, you can monetise it, by selling it via stock footage platforms such as Creator Stock. You can even offer it directly to brands who are just starting out and don’t have the budget, time or skill to shoot filler content for reels, stories etc - at a cost per still/video clip basis.

It’s literally the perfect way to set up an ongoing semi-passive income stream.

Social Media Management
Whether you have 500 followers, or 5 million - building and maintaining an engaged online following is not for the faint hearted and aside from the quality of your content and your personality, it also takes a level of instinctive skill, that not everyone possesses.

How To Diversify Your Income As A Full Time Content Creator Through Social Media Management

Use the value of the experience you've already acquired, to help fellow content creators, freelancers and brands, to grow their own social media presence.

Jenn Im, a popular fashion and lifestyle influencer, has successfully ventured into social media consulting, helping brands enhance their digital strategy. Alice Thurley is another example of an influencer who has also founded her own social media management agency; Thurley & Co.

Whether you’re working on curating a brand's Pinterest boards (yes, people will pay you to do that 😏), doing the networking part of being on a social media network, on behalf of your client, or helping them grow an online community - depending on the work you offer, along with your personal skill level/experience, you can earn anywhere between £500-5K per month, per client, making it a worthy and potentially lucrative option for social media lovers.

Have you ever seen a brand’s social media campaign announcing the launch of a new product/service and thought, ‘That looks great, but I could have done it better...’?
As a content creator, you’ve more than likely had some firsthand experience working with brands, which means you may have what it takes to be a valuable brand consultant.

How To Diversify Your Income As A Full Time Content Creator Through Brand Consulting

As a freelancer, you can advise companies on their influencer marketing strategies, content creation and brand positioning, based on whichever social media platform/s you specialise in.
@Cloudsjoo (TikTok) has made a living as a corporate consultant, whilst influencing as a career and culture blogger.

This move demonstrates how you can successfully position yourself into strategic advisory roles within the digital marketing industry.

Freelance Photography
Unless you work with a photographer, you’re more than likely an impressive photographer yourself.

Offering your photography skills to fellow creators & freelancers, event organisers, product centric brands and even print magazines, is an ideal way to earn more income from something you enjoy and it also gives you the chance to work with more people in person (especially if you’re not the biggest fan of the amount of solo time you can often tend to spend, when you’re working from home).

How To Diversify Your Income As A Full Time Content Creator Through Freelance Photography

Youtubers Lucy and Lydia Connell, have made a niche for themselves in professional celebrity & event photography, as well as creative direction.

Chelsea Northrup is another Youtuber who went viral because of her photography!
Alternatively, you could also sign up with a UGC agency such as Clip or InBeat.

From £100+ per hour for an iPhone shoot, to monthly content shooting retainers, why wouldn’t you shoot your shot (sorry... couldn’t help it 😏).

Any content creator that’s built a following from OOTDs, most probably has an inbuilt radar - not only for what looks good, but also for what is going to catch (and appeal to), someone else's style eye.

Leveraging that trendsetting fashion sense, could help you make it into personal styling, or garner opportunities to collaborate with fashion brands on styling projects.

How To Diversify Your Income As A Full Time Content Creator Through Fashion Styling

Aimee Song, known for her fashion-forward content - has collaborated with major brands and has even launched her own clothing label.

If you think curating looks and offering styling services, would work for you, then you could discuss the possibility of being able to style your own edits with fashion brands you currently work/collaborate with.

You could set up your own website or use your social media to offer in person or virtual styling services to your followers.

Alternatively, if you feel like you'd prefer to acquire some more 'traditional' experience, then you could look into internship positions at media publications or personal styling/shopping platforms, such as Threads and Indyx.

Sometimes thinking of what to write, in order to create an engaging and authentic social media caption (filled to the max with trending keywords of course), can make you feel like you're writing an article for Vogue 😅, so it's likely you already have a lot of writing practice.
If writing is something you enjoy, then maybe you already have your own (neglected) blog and if you do, then this could be the right time to take it more seriously and pitch it to brands as an additional marketing platform in your media kit (and don’t forget those affiliate links).

How To Diversify Your Income As A Full Time Content Creator Through Writing

If you don’t have a blog, then you could always start one, as an extension of your social media content.

But... if the thought of maintaining a blog isn't your thing, you could launch a regular newsletter whether it's weekly, fortnightly or monthly - keeping your audience up to date with what you've been doing, your shopping picks, lifestyle recommendations etc. Share it on your social media and add a sign up link in your bio, for your followers to subscribe to.

A newsletter can be free for your audience to read, if you choose a standard email marketing platform such as Flodesk, or you can make it available on a pay to read basis on Substack.

If you’d prefer something even more flexible, you could pitch articles to both digital & print magazines, which could lead to a regular contributor role - similar to Yvonne Victoria, who has recently been announced as The Handbook's newest beauty contributor.
Alternatively you could also approach blogs that align with your personal brand for paid guest posts, or take a step behind the scenes as a copywriter.

I think everyone’s familiar with the saying (or should I say, fallacy 👀), ‘Those who can’t do, teach’, but I’ve never understood why you can’t do both…?!

Sharing your insights and expertise with aspiring influencers, or content creators who have already started to establish a successful career, but just need a helping hand progressing to the next step, can be both fulfilling and lucrative.

How To Diversify Your Income As A Full Time Content Creator Through Influencer Coaching

You could create a pay-to-download, simple, yet informative PDF/Ebook (Etsy sell some beautifully designed, low-priced, digital templates if design isn’t your forte), offer a course and/or an educational YouTube channel/platform that reflects your knowledge and experience, like Patricia Bright did with The Break, or simply offer slots of your time, as and when you’re available to do so, with 1-2-1, or group coaching sessions, like successful content creator coach; Lorella Palmer.


When it comes to identifying which path/s are going to be most likely to lead to your financial success, it's important that you consider the following:

  • What are your personal strengths and interests
  • How much time do you have available
  • What is your daily lifestyle like
  • What would be appealing/beneficial to your audience (if they’re your chosen potential customer base)

Then you need to make a choice that suits as many of your needs as possible.

If you’re having trouble making your final decision, you can also think about whether you have a specific financial/regular income goal in mind and factor that into it.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do (not that you ever have to limit yourself to just one secondary option!), pitch and make yourself noticeable so that potential clients/customers are aware that you’re ready to monetise your expertise.

You can start with a well-crafted website/landing page/digital portfolio, testimonials, updating your social media bios and email signatures and sharing your plans in an authentic way with your audience.

Actively engage with the community that you want to get into, send emails offering your services, network with industry professionals both on and offline and leverage existing relationships with brands to convey reliability and competence.

You could even make a separate social media account to offer your services and cross-promote it on your existing profiles, to get your plans in front of as many people as possible.

There are also useful Facebook groups and LinkedIn opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Communicate what you’re doing  with other creators and professionals in the field you are trying to enter and offer your expertise as often as you can.

Using the skills you already have to increase your earning potential, is not only a smart financial move, but also the perfect way to showcase your depth as a creator and highlight just how valuable you are.
With careful assessment, planning and a little strategy, you can take your influence and leverage it into the kind of reliable income you and your Park Avenue lifestyle wants & needs truly deserve 🥂


Until next time.

You know you love me... xoxo