How PR Agency ASC Global Are Making Their Mark Stateside One Influencer Pop Up Gifting Showroom At A Time - Founder Amy Sturgis Tells All

How PR Agency ASC Global Are Making Their Mark Stateside One Influencer Pop Up Gifting Showroom At A Time - Founder Amy Sturgis Tells All

If you know me, then you'll know that there's nothing I love more, than the chance to share a gossip-worthy tale... let alone an aspirational tell-all.

So when the opportunity arose for yours truly to snag an inside look into the international business world of well-renowned PR expert Amy Sturgis - founder of ASC Global, the UK born PR agency making a name for themselves stateside, with their trendsetting gifting pop up showroom concept in collaboration with the luxury vacation rental platform; onefinestay - I did what needed to be done, to serve you with the behind the scenes exclusive, that you; my dear loyal reader, truly deserve.

Word to the wise?

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So Amy, how did you get started in PR and how does your experience as a fashion brand owner yourself, influence your overall approach?

I actually started my career in Dubai, working for my still mentor Sophie Toh. I was very lucky in my first role to work on brands like Manolo Blahnik and Aspinal of London and knew immediately that fashion was the route I wanted to pursue. Coincidently when I left my last job before starting to consult on multiple brands I started CINTA at the same time, and they’ve both been on their separates journeys but I would say that CINTA makes me mindful of knowing what it actually takes and costs to build a brand which I think reflects in the work we do at ASC. 

What does a typical day look like at ASC Global? 

Every day is unique, but my mornings follow a routine, and I'm usually in the office by 7:30 am. Tuesdays are dedicated to internal meetings. We start with a full team meeting where employees share their major wins from the previous week, and we review every client's status together. This ensures everyone is informed and ready to allocate extra resources if needed for events. After that, we hold directors' meetings and departmental meetings with managers. Afternoons are typically reserved for client calls, and we are usually working on about three evening events each month.

 What was the inspiration behind your pop-up showroom concept? 

Having lived in LA, I was fortunate to build strong relationships with top stylists. This experience inspired the idea of providing brands with a platform to expand and target US audiences affordably. This concept has been highly successful for ASC brands, turning project work into long-term client relationships. We are now focusing on creating more in-person experiences to showcase our work for Q3 and Q4 of 2024.

How did the collaboration with onefinestay come about?

We have collaborated with onefinestay on various projects over the years and pitched them our successful LA concept. Since LA is a market they are targeting for 2024, the timing was perfect. We are very grateful for this collaboration!

ASC Global

 What’s the process for brainstorming with brand partners like onefinestay?

The partnership was founded on understanding and aligning with the goals of both parties. For onefinestay, "elevated experience" is the key message for 2024. We focused on curating this through every aspect of our collaboration, from the guest list and content to the setup and events we organized.

Have you found that you’ve had to adapt your creative approach in any way to suit the US audience? 

The US market is significantly larger than the UK, offering a broader spectrum of content creators both in terms of followers and the sheer number of influencers. This means we need to cast a wider net, but it also makes it easier to find content creators who drive conversion to sales which is a real goal for our clients and brands on board. 

I love the fact that you turned your first onefinestay pop up showroom into a multi faceted experience. What inspired your wellness theme and what’s your secret behind creating memorable experiences that your guests are excited to share? 

Wellness is a rapidly growing market that our audience is deeply interested in, so we wanted to provide guests with an opportunity to engage further with onefinestay while also offering a grounding experience. Taking 40 minutes to meditate or do yoga is a crucial part of a busy day, and we know our guests appreciated this opportunity.
I also draw from my personal preferences when brainstorming ways to create memorable experiences. As a self-care enthusiast (essential for surviving as an entrepreneur), I envisioned activities that I would enjoy, and built from there. We collaborated with the incredible Trube App to curate the wellness morning, offering everything from yoga to cold plunges and a pop-up sauna.

Can you give us a sneak peek into ASC Global’s upcoming US social calendar?

Key events for us include New York Fashion Week in September and LA for something I can’t talk about yet in November. Additionally, we have a couple of client events scheduled in NYC for the upcoming week.

How do you stay inspired and creative, while managing multiple projects at a time?

A crucial aspect for me is effectively managing my time. In the past, I found myself constantly checking my email inbox and felt that I could only be creative outside of work hours. However, I now structure my day to allocate specific moments for brainstorming and new business pitching. I block out two-hour slots in my diary twice a week for these tasks. Additionally, I prioritize regular team brainstorming sessions, effective communication, and staying updated on current affairs and trends. This ensures that we are always prepared to execute our strategy according to trends and are able to jump on them quickly.

How do you collaborate with influencers when it comes to your pop ups and how does one snag themselves a spot on one of your exclusive guest lists?

It all begins with our clients and brands. We work closely with them, setting clear KPIs, establishing approved target lists, and understanding their target audiences thoroughly. From there, we build our guest lists. When it comes to influencers, our approach primarily involves gifting, although we also engage in paid campaigns when budget allows.

What trends do you see shaping the future of PR when it comes to gifting and influencer activations?

Experience has become a huge pillar in influencer campaigns today. Brands aim to engage their audiences and tastemakers on a deeper level. It's no longer just about a single post; it's about storytelling and immersing consumers in that narrative and journey. Influencer trips have gained significant popularity as they allow brands to strengthen their relationships with influencers and craft the narrative they wish to convey.

I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t ask whether you have any behind-the-scenes secrets from your events you’d care to share? 😉

I think staying calm is my secret to everything, don’t sweat the small stuff, everything always works out the way it should. I have huge faith in the universe, its lessons and that's what is really my secret, it's not much deeper than that. 

How do you see the future of ASC Global in the US and with the word global in your business name, do you have your eye set on any other pop up destinations?

There is so much coming which I can’t talk about, but we are also popping up in Ibiza this summer which I am really excited about.


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