Desi Perkins Dezi Skin

How Did Desi Perkins Takeover The Skincare Chat?

Spotted: Trendsetting mogul Desi Perkins making ocean waves in our beautyverse, with her formula first skincare brand, "Dezi Skin".

Beauty from within & an unapologetic love affair with your own skin?

All-natural potions so potent, Mother Nature is sending a cease & desist?

And aesthetics that redefine the meaning of luxury?

Are those the sweet whispers of ‘tell me more’ I hear?

Thought so 💅


While the exact details are under wraps (for those of us who wear the crown a well kept secret or two is the ultimate power play), word on the street is Desi's projected net worth has reached the $18 million mark.

Beauty, intrigue & a bank balance that's as flawless as the Dezi Skin you're about to be in?

Looks like Desi Perkins has officially taken over the skincare chat.

Desi Perkins Dezi Skin

Desi - who’s renowned for her expertise in the beauty realm, brings a refreshing perspective to skincare through her products.

The brand is practically a love letter from its founder, giving us permission to bid adieu to those unrealistic beauty standards & inviting us all to embrace our filter-free selves, with the kind of self love we deserve.

Influencing the scene since 2016, Desi’s not just a name but a social media monarch, with over 4.3 million followers & counting.

Sharing her love for beauty alongside family life & a home that's practically an IRL Pinterest board, her online kingdom isn't just about products reviews; it's a canvas woven from tales of her Mexican heritage & a front-row seat to her relatable yet charmingly glamorous life, making it the perfect stage from which to build her incredible product line.

Dezi Skin made its debut in 2021 with Claro Que C, a Vitamin C serum, whipped up from Mexican plum fruit, dragon fruit, açai berry, tamarind, mango, soursop, guava & avocado – a skincare menu worthy of any queen.


And after that?

A few more skincare must-haves of course.


Desi’s taken the time to grace us with responsibly sourced formulas, crafting skincare that not only tends to the diverse needs of our thirsty skin, but has all the goodness needed to deliver transformative results too.


Word to the wise?

You may want to add the Dew Me Over face mist & the makeup-melting cleansing balm to your next beauty haul.

You’ll thank me later.


And if you don't believe me?

I've spotted more than a few notable Trendsettrs liking, following & using Dezi Skin - cementing the brand's spot as more than just another passing social media trend.

@annapetrosian_ made Dew Me Over, a staple in her daily glam routine, leaving her with a glow that's practically gossip-worthy.

Meanwhile, @tashimrod is turning heads with the Dezi Skin Silk Eye Mask – who knew bedhead could be so chic?

And let's not forget singer @nayanna, who's relying on the cleansing balm to work it’s vanishing powers on that heavy duty tour makeup.


Beautiful yet functional skincare products that do what you ask of them?

Now that you’ve made it on to my radar Dezi Skin... you’re well on your way to being beauty’s worst kept secret.

Kudos D.