How Did Alice Olivia Cross Build a 7-Figure Fashion Label In Less Than 3yrs?

Alice Olivia Cross Founder of Because of Alice | Trendsettrs

Spotted: Because of Alice - a Manchester based clothing label, founded in July 2020 by digital fashion creator Alice Olivia Cross, that has made a name for itself in the realms of timeless classics.

Rumour has it…  Alice’s atelier of understated elegance has earned her a reported net worth that’d make Blair Waldorf herself do a double take - over $5 million to be exact.
This isn’t ‘just fashion’ it’s a financial fairytale.

Alice’s debut of 10 capsule pieces, vanished from their virtual racks, quicker than an Upper East Sider's trust fund at a Bergdorf sale.

Since that fateful sell out weekend, Alice has been pulling strings behind the scenes, dropping collection after collection of runway-worthy gold.

With a keen eye for simplicity & a love for classic aesthetics, Alice has carefully built a label that seamlessly reflects her own fashion philosophy, translating into a brand that is both sophisticated & enduring.


Because of Alice | Trendsettrs

Wondering how she got here?
Alice has been busy setting trends since 2018, making waves on the social media scene & collecting YouTube views like yours truly collects secrets.

And the thing about Alice?
Whether she's gracing your Insta-feed, or reigning over your YouTube screen - with each outfit restyle & closet archive rediscovery, she’s giving us a masterclass on why sustainability isn’t just a trend - it’s a power move.

And no one loves a good power move more than the who's who of Instagram royalty.

@lilliegracep, @millyhobbs, and @marielouduvillier, have all been spotted on our city streets in BOA's stylish staples.

And, let's not play coy – Alice herself is the epitome of a walking advertisement, effortlessly turning every sidewalk into her personal runway – talk about brand promotion without saying a word!

As always, there's more to this social saga than meets the eye.

BOA isn't just winning hearts on Instagram; their LinkedIn is nothing short of impressive, demonstrating that behind each promotional OOTD, lies a calculated & evidently effective strategy.

The deeper I’ve fallen into Alice’s fashion wonderland, the more I see the threads of social media woven through this stylish success story.

In 2023, Because Of Alice took over TikTok, spilling their toxic office traits & riding high on the wave of the binge-worthy office interviews trend.
I mean, who wouldn't kill for a backstage pass to that office chaos?
We're all eyes & ears for the workplace goss, A!

And now?
Because of Alice have soared beyond being a fleeting fashion crush; they've hit the sought after digital racks of By Rotation & you can now rent their most coveted pieces.
Looks like BOA are rewriting the style narrative, turning timeless staples into a rentable dream come true.

Alice's unwavering commitment to classic silhouettes, is second only to my devotion to spilling the hottest influencer stories on the scene.

Because of Alice’s clean lines, neutral palettes & thoughtful detail-led aesthetic, is a refreshing escape from the frenzied realm of fast fashion.

I have a feeling... this brand & its trendsetting founder are set to continue making their mark, on their way to the top, in a whirlwind of sustainable luxury, that's hotter than a Nate & Serena style summer in the Hamptons.

If you know... you know.



Image Credits (in order of appearance): @aliceoliviac / @becauseofalice@marielouduvillier / @lilliegracep